Bring back your confidence with mastectomy bra

Published: 20th January 2010
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The mastectomy operation and life after that is very difficult. Usually women who undergo such a surgery get into a depression due to the loss of a breast form. The following few months are very hard on them. Women feel the physical discomfort of not having a breast and have a crushed self confidence. It is during such times that women need a special bra like the mastectomy bra that will help them cope up with their loss.

Very few women undergo immediate surgical reconstruction. The mastectomy surgery already burns a hole in the pocket. Recovering from the physical trauma and the financial jolt, opting for a breast reconstruction takes a lot of time. In the meantime, the only thing that is handy is the mastectomy bra. It is the silicone substitute of the natural breast that had been removed. Some women prefer to use the mastectomy bra than have another surgery. This breast form is a temporary breast fitted on to the body of the woman with the help of straps. Special bras have the pocket to let the silicone breast form sit comfortably in place.

According to certain doctors, the scar that the woman gets after the surgical removal of the breast is also covered and protected by the mastectomy. The wound gets healed and the woman does not have to be alert about the scar or the wound due to the mastectomy bra. The breast that had been removed does not feel any pain as it is protected from all kinds of external shock and attack by the silicone breast form. The mastectomy bra is made up of material that allows the breast form to breath. It is not too tight, but at the same time not too loose to let the breasts move. It is flexible enough to hold the natural breast and the silicone breast form with maximum comfort. The mastectomy bra is very soft and does not look like a hard artificial breast from.

It has been revealed through research that the special design of the bra helps in giving women a better posture. The support provided by the mastectomy bra is more than regular bras. The mastectomy bra reduces chances of shoulder ache, neck ache, back ache and several other problems. A woman seeking such silicone breast form after a mastectomy surgery should consult a professional mastectomy bra fitter. With their experience and expertise they will help the woman choose a mastectomy bra that fits her best and gives maximum comfort.

You get regular fits, sporty ones, as well as strapless designs. They are made of materials that are comfortable (80% nylon and 20% spandex) and long lasting. The elastic used is latex free. One can judge the fit of a mastectomy bra properly by wearing it under a well fitted top. One can buy mastectomy bras for various occasions, like parties, sports bras and regular bras. Today women with mastectomy are not scared of life after the surgery owing to the mastectomy bra. Silicone breast forms nowadays are available in varied styles and cuts.

Are you worried about life after mastectomy? With mastectomy bra, women will have no problem in dealing with the loss of a breast form.

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