How to cross dress and have realistic breast forms?

Published: 19th January 2010
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It is important to have a guide for things when you are trying to do it in the appropriate way. There are several people who want to know how to cross dress but do not have the right information. If a woman is trying to cross dress like a man, there is not much to be done. But if a man wants to cross dress as a woman, a lot of things have to be carefully handled. One of the most important features is to have realistic breast forms. Breasts are the sign of femininity. It is the breasts that will successfully let a man cross dress like a woman.

If a man trying to cross dress manages to have realistic breast forms, half the battle is won. Often we notice that men, who not know how to cross dress, end up having uneven and strange looking fake breasts. Silicone inserted bras are very helpful for giving realistic breast forms. Such bras give very natural looking breasts. One of the most important aspects of cross dressing is clothes. A man who is cross dressing like a woman should choose the clothes with extreme care. When one is buying women's clothes, it has to be kept in mind that these clothes will look deservingly beautiful only if they are worn by people with breasts. The chest of a man will never be able to adorn such clothes.

Now, there are numerous companies in the market offering gel or water insert bras. They are not just useful for women who have smaller breasts but also for men who want to know how to cross dress. Using silicone bra inserts is extremely easy. Firstly, one needs to buy a good bra along with the silicone bra inserts. One has to purchase the bra tape also. Ordinary tape cannot be substituted for bra tapes. While buying bras and silicone bra inserts, one has to note the size. There are a wide variety of sizes for both bras and bra inserts. Not all of them are of the same size, as it is mistaken by some men. It is the size of the silicone breast implants that will determine how big the realist breast forms are. Some men like to cross dress as women with big and full breasts.

It is vital to know how to cross dress to look exactly like the opposite sex. For men who want to cross dress like women, knowing how to wear silicone bra inserts for having realistic breast forms is necessary. It is advisable to take a bath or clean oneself with a towel before wearing the bra with silicone inserts. The chest should not be sweaty or dirty. The silicone will not a get a grip of the skin and slip away. Place the inserts carefully on each side and tape it from one end to the other. The tape should hold the silicone insert and the breast together. Wear the bra on the insert and have the most realistic breast forms.

Want to know how to cross dress? Take care of every little detail to look perfectly like a member of the opposite sex. Realistic breast forms are the most important part for men cross dressing as women.

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